Sitting Here.

13 Sep

I can hear the wind softly brushing it’s lips against the leaves of the trees. I can feel the sun on my skin and this bench beneath me. I look around me and I see the courtyard of St. Jerome’s Residence. Two other students sit at a picnic table with their backpacks, while another enjoys the shady grass under a maple tree. I sit, in the gazebo in the corner, observing the others. It is a beautiful late summer day.

I’ve met so many people this week, some whose name’s I remember, many whose names I don’t! I already feel like I’ve made some lifelong friends. My roommate is a lot of fun and we get a long really well. The other day we sat in our room for at least an hour watching parkour videos on youtube. Then we went outside and (without any feelings of embarrassment) proceeded to “parkour” across campus. We have resolved to take fencing, swing dancing and (of course) join the parkour club. I’ve also met a guy named Patrick. He also loves acting and lives in St. Jeromes. Earlier in the week there was a talent show for the arts faculty. Five minutes before it started he told me that he was going to sign us up as an act. So, with literally no preparation, Patrick, Miranda, Dan and myself went up in front of the entire arts faculty and performed a short skit (100% improv!). Last night, there was a coffee house for students living in St. Jeromes. At dinner I joked that Patrick was going to sign us up for another skit -so of course he did. This time we had more preperation and smaller audience but just as much fun.

I have no classes today so I’ve just been enjoying the best parts of on campus life; free food, no studying, just chilling with some of the girls on my floor and enjoying such a beautiful day! I love you both and I can’t wait to hear all about Kings! I’m sure you have some great stories!

“My cheeks red like fire engines racing

Straight to the heat of your skin

I know our days are numbered early bird of the summer

You’ll fly south just as the fall begins

The fields where we wandered were golden

Now only muddy my boots

Now I know I should recover, you’re a bird of the summer

I was wrong to try and capture you”

-Bird of the Summer, A Fine Frenzy


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