Rest in Him

19 Sep

so here we are. In our first weekend of being in this crazy invention called University. It’s pretty surreal, and I have found myself having weird deja vu’s of when I was a child, and I could almost remember what it was like to be there, then. When that happens and I soon realize that I am walking around on campus big and tall with 18 years on me. I can’t really believe it.

When I think about all of this too much I get a weird, almost regretful ache in my stomach. I think Mik knows what I mean, we kind of talked about this. But I guess this just happens when I have silly worries like maybe I won’t meet any cool people, or be able to make lasting relationships like how I should be, like how everyone says will happen.

But in reality, I have found the following truth in my life. As long as I am walking with God and I am in connection with him, at rest in his holiness, I am okay, I am living THE life. He is my best friend, he is my everything, I would be absolutly nothing without him. And choosing to realize this and walk with this, and letting this resonate in my mind during the day makes all the anxieties disapear.

I was created to know God, learn about God, love God, praise God, give glory to God. If I can do this, I am set and I am living THE life. And I know that God knows the innermost parts of my being, he knows my needs, my desires, what’s best for me. and I will trust in his provision and know that I am blessed.

I’ve loved hearing about your experiences Jasmine, and I can’t wait to hear more!

Thank you both for being in my life.

An idea, would you two want to post prayer requests on here? Then we can pray for each other and be able to be accountable of each other.

Just an idea!




One Response to “Rest in Him”

  1. Jasmine September 20, 2010 at 8:30 pm #

    Meghan! I was so excited to see this post!

    The other day I was talking to my roommate about how it seems so strange to finally be in this wonderful place. Where we are grown-ups who live away from our parents, make our own rules and take care of our selves but where we also kids who are finding our way in a new place, making new friends and playing silly pranks, not yet burdened with the full responsibilities of adulthood. We’ve come so far, and yet this is just the beginning. we still have so far to go.
    I’ve always admired the way you can so clearly see God’s truth and today is no exception. Keep following Him and living for Him, and He will take care of the rest.
    I think your prayer requests idea is a great one! Lets start right away!
    Lots of love,

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