My God is my Rock

5 Oct

So i went to narnia for the first time since the summer yesterday and sat on my thinking rock.

As I walked there though, something felt different. I realized I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I had been here many times before with friends and family, but the familiarity was like an old dream…. Or perhaps I am in the dream now?

I got to my rock, took out my earbuds, and looked around me. At first I thought, wow nothing has changed. Birds sang around me, dragonflies and bees danced on the rock beside me (and sometimes on me, which freaked me out). It was like walking into a photograph, or back in time. I thought, I am jealous of these plants and trees that never change and stay so sure of themselves.

But then I realized, things had changed. and it wasn’t just how i felt. There were new blossoms on plants that were once green, the leaves were aging and colouring, and some plants were already blackening from the cold and changing season.

Plants DO change, some grow blossoms or thorns, some change colour, some wither away. But does that change make the plant less of a plant, less of who or what it is? No, I would say it could be defined by that change, that it is what it is because it changes, and that it remains despite all the change. And the fact that Narnia was still Narnia, that even though these changes were occurring, it had still felt like it once did.

I know now that changes will happen but I also know that I don’t want to be defined by those changes that are going on around me. I want to stay sure, and stay rooted, and stay the person that I was created to be despite the cold breezes or snow. And then if I change colours, or grow flowers, I know that it is good because I am rooted in God who gives true life and He won’t allow the changes to wither me away.

It’s so easy to feel that you are defined by your circumstances – by friends, family, sickness, new school, new city, wealth, poverty etc. And I have seen that I have often, okay pretty much all the time, looked to friends or family to give me value… but I now know that the bees that may have relation with the flower, don’t define the flower, it’s where the flower is rooted and is growing that matters. Wherever I may go, I need to see that the places that I find myself in don’t make me who I am, but rather I am who I am because God gives me life.

“My God is my rock and my refuge.” 2 Samuel 22:3


One Response to “My God is my Rock”

  1. Mikaelee October 19, 2010 at 12:25 am #

    thanks so much for posting this. it helps ❤

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