Rainbows and Butterflies

22 Jan

[NOTE: I started this post on Tuesday, but I had a lot to say and took a little break from writing near the end, which is why I’m posting it now instead.]

Today is rainbows and butterflies. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and all is right with the world!

Well, actually the snow is kind of melt-y and we’ve got some lame drizzly rain/mist stuff going on. The ground is covered in brown wet sludge, like a slushie gone horribly wrong and I have salt stains upon salt stains. But in my head life is wonderful. Today is a great day. The kind of day where you just want to run around telling everyone how happy you are. It didn’t start out that special, in fact it was pretty much exactly the same as every other Tuesday morning. I hit the snooze at 7:50. I hit it again at 7:55 and at 8:00 I just turned it right off. At 8:23 I jumped out of bed quickly making a list in my head of what I would have to skip this morning in order to make it to class on time: shower, makeup, hair,  breakfast… pulling on the jeans I wore yesterday  while simultaneously picking up a sweater off my floor, I glanced at the empty coffeepot over my bed and realized I would have to skip that too. A quick swipe of deodorant and a barely passable teeth-brush later I was running out the door with glasses on and boots in hand. I took a quick look in the mirror and thanked God for a good hair day.

An hour and twenty minutes later I fell back into bed, coat on, roommate still sleeping.

When I woke up again I headed over the the SLC (Student Life Centre) with my friend Caileigh. We’re in the Vagina Monologues together and we were supposed to be helping to make buttons to sell at the show (see pic at the bottom). When we got there they were already done but I only had an hour or so until my next class, so while Caileigh headed back to res I stayed to check out a photography exhibit I had seen on the way in. The theme of the exhibit was diversity, a great thing for UW students to be thinking about. There were some awesome photos. Some were great for their originality (I really liked one of the inside of a student’s cupboard, with all mismatched dishes) others just for their plain old beauty (there was one of a forest in the fall, with leaves representing the different colours of the students at UW) and some for both. Each one had a little blurb underneath by the photographer that said why they chose to submit that picture. I particularly liked one of a construction worker who had been working on the new nano building on campus. The blurb described the way we are all here to pursue postsecondary education, most of us are young and all of us are very fortunate to be here. But we have to remember that further education is not the only way to be successful. It is easy for us to be stuck up about our schooling, even going so far as to class Laurier students as “inferior”… but this photographer provided a reminder that construction workers and hair dressers are just as important as chemical engineers and nuro-psychologists. If it weren’t for the construction workers, where would we study? Not only did the photo bring up a unique perspective, and remind me of something that maybe I have forgotten in these last few months; it had some great artistic properties.

Feeling inspired and thinking about the conversation Caileigh and I had the other day (where we discussed how uninvolved we are this year compared to in high school, and how we both miss it) I signed up to be on a few mailing lists that were hanging around the SLC, picked up a pamphlet for the “Fashion for Change” fashion show in February, and even grabbed a form to learn more about the photography exhibit and how to have a chance of being in the next one.

Anyway, after soaking in some student art I headed to one of my favourite classes of this term: 102B (Poetry!)We pretty much just talk about poems for a solid two hours twice a week. The readings are amazing and the classes are unstructured. I can usually count on it to be a pretty good class but today it was particularly awesome. Lots of people got involved in the discussion, not just the usual three or four students who always have something to say, and I think I had some good input myself.

I was felling pretty wonderful as I bounced back to res. As I said before it was more than just the usual “I feel good today”, it was full-out, undiluted joy. As soon as I saw Madeleine I smiled big and, unable to help myself cried out “I am having SUCH a great day!” she smiled, said she was happy for me and then asked the million dollar question: “Why?”

The thing is… I didn’t really know. It didn’t seem any different from any other day, and the weather certainly wasn’t impacting my mood at all. So I sat down with a big old mug of Toasted Walnut tea from David’s (where else?) and thought about it. What did I do differently today? Why do I feel so good? and then the really important one: How do I make sure I feel like this more often?

Now, I think I’ve figured it out. Everything I did today, I did with passion. I put my whole self into every activity. I payed attention in every class, I made a better-than-usual effort to participate and I took good notes. Outside of class I did things I love, I allowed myself to be immersed in art, I took time to write in this blog, I rehearsed the monologues I’ve been working on. When I ate, I was actually hungry, I didn’t eat out of boredom, and I didn’t bring my cell to dinner. I held the door for people, I smiled at strangers, I payed compliments. I listened to people with my full attention. I took a step towards being more involved in extra-curriculars. I drank three cups of tea -s l o w l y. I read and strongly related to today’s 1000 Awesome Things post

Too often I put less than my best into life. I glaze over in class, I text people I’m not with instead of talking to the ones in front of me, I say I don’t have time to go out because of all the work I have to do and then stay home creeping facebook. I eat food without tasting it, I forget to compliment people…

This is not how I want to live my life!

Now I don’t think I’m a horrible person, and maybe this post is a bit of an exaggeration but I know I’m not living up to my full potential. Today, I think I did. And it made a difference. I want to live every day like this one.


One Response to “Rainbows and Butterflies”

  1. tobeabletofloat January 24, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

    you inspire me.
    what a lovely lesson to learn, i am slowly learning it myself. thank you for the reminder!

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