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Would You Please Ignore that You Found Me on the Floor?

14 Mar

Although I don’t exactly bring it up in conversation, I’m sure you both know that I drink. I always have, but certainly more now than before I came to school. Not to the point of serious abuse, but probably more than is wise. It isn’t peer pressure, most of my close friends either don’t drink or don’t drink much. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a drink or two but it can become dangerous, embarrassing, unhealthy and a waste of time. I’ve always considered myself able to “walk the fine line between self control and self abuse” but lately things have gotten a little stale. I started to notice that I was building a tolerance toward alcohol. I was drinking on weeknights and drinking during the day sometimes. It started to become a waste of time and money. Nothing too concerning, but not quite me either. I decided it was also taking away from my relationship with God. It was upon that conclusion that I decided I needed a change. I am giving up alcohol for lent.

In other years I have given up meat and caffeine, but I think this is a sacrifice that will actually bring me closer to God. I’m making an effort connect with God on a more regular and meaningful basis. I’m really enjoying it so far! I expect that when/if I start drinking again it will be with a very different attitude.


Indie Travel

1 Mar

Hello Dahlings…

I recently discovered a neat little podcast called “Indie Travel” it’s by this couple who have been travelling for five years basically nonstop, they lead these really amazing lives. They’ve even limited all their things to two carry-on size backpacks, can you imagine? Their podcast is all about the places they go and their recommendations for that place, along with travel tips like how to keep your “emotional energy” up, what to do when you miss a flight, and how to save for trips. The wife is a real sweetie. The husband is cool too, but sometimes he annoys me. Even still, it’s a great podcast, and if you haven’t heard of it, check it out!